Extra! Extra!

Squeeze the most out of the final weekends of summer with a few moments in the sun and a good local read! Look no further than the latest edition of Street Roots and your friendly neighborhood vendor. Here’s what’s inside:

The bigger pitch of Scot Thompson: An interview with the Portland Timbers’ star, and now community ambassador, by former soccer pro and author Jules Boykoff.

East Portland’s violent little secret: A special report by Anthony Schick on the alarming rate of domestic violence in the city’s least served communities.

Living for two: Pregnancy among homeless teens is rising, alarming providers. Amanda Waldroupe reports on how service providers are responding to the troubling increase and what it means for youths on the streets.

Believers brew: An interview with author Adam Elenbaas, who drank a psychedelic herbal mixture called ayahuasca and gained a new vision on life. “It’s like mud mixed with battery acid and pee.” Now there’s a vision.

Plus, insights from housing authority Heather Lyons and homeless advocate Leo Rhodes, plus news, poetry and more. So much to read you’ll need the extra holiday this weekend to take it all in. Thank you, readers!

2 responses to “Extra! Extra!

  1. Why is it, when I came to your home page, it features the July 23rd issue of the paper? Isn’t that a bit out of date?

  2. Because we’re a small staff carrying a heavy load. We are in the process of rocking a new web design that will allow us to be more up to date, and centralize all SR on-line content.

    Thanks, Israel

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