Hollywood vendor dies on the streets…

Street Roots is sad to announce that one of our regular vendors has passed away this month. Daphne Andrews was found dead in the Hollywood neighborhood in early August. She was 39 years old. SR is waiting to find out more about the cause of death.

Daphne was a gentle soul that lived a very hard life. According to the Eastside Vendor Coordinator Becky Mullins, Daphne had a warm spirit about her and was a victim of street life.

Street Roots doesn’t know a whole lot about Daphne’s life, other than she had been homeless for two years and was a regular seller at the Hollywood Library, and at the Farmer’s Market on the weekends.

Street Roots had been working for the past year to get her into treatment and into a more stable living environment. Street Roots will be putting together a memorial service in the near future. More information to come.

4 responses to “Hollywood vendor dies on the streets…

  1. Becky Mullins

    We will all miss you lady!
    .—., \
    `—-‘ ,/

  2. I’m very sorry to hear that Daphne passed. She was my regular source for a paper in front of the Hollywood library, and I will miss her. Rest in peace, Daphne. Best, Laura Moulton

  3. Our love and thoughts are with our family at Street Roots. Thank you for the dignity and community that you offered to Daphne.

  4. I’m so sorry to read this. She was such a warm and unassuming person. She seemed so shy and fragile, until we would start a conversation, then she’d just bloom.

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