Extra! Extra!

Strike a pose, Portland! It’s the season to see and be seen, whether you’re sipping Moroccan tea or an exotic brew, feet in the air or buried in the grass. The weekend is about to begin, so start it off right with a brand new Street Roots. Here’s what to expect.

Yoga time: Practice gives women a new peace, and a new view on life from behind bars. Amanda Waldroupe visits the Living Yoga class at Coffee Creek Correctional Facility to learn how the centuries-old discipline is helping women find balance.

Kings and Queens of Pioneer Square: Tony Schick takes us inside the world of the chess community at Pioneer Courthouse Square, where people fill the faux pillars with nonstop games.

Homelessness, by the book: The Western Regional Advocacy Project has released it’s latest edition of “Without Housing,” which will outlines three decades of homeless-creating policies and what we can all do to change it.

The Other Side: Photographer Stephen Kerpen gives us a peak at his exhibit on the lives of Palestinians and Bedouins living in the Occupied Territories.

A little food and sympathy: Farmers markets help Oregon Trail Card holders stretch their dollars on local produce.

Plus, commentaries from Art Garcia and Ruth Kovacs, and the poetry of Leo Rhodes, part of a special rededication ceremony for the Japanese American Historical Plaza in Tom McCall Waterfront Park. Plus, a shockingly positive editorial to boot! Your vendor has it all within reach for the always-low price of $1.

Posted by Joanne Zuhl

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