Poetry Tuesday: A Roof of Stars

by Dharma Bum

Space is our body and our being
We breathe the air that we are
See with the eyes of being
See the Oneness among us
See that the skin line is not the borderline
See that We are vast and quicker than light
See the far and rising sun rising in the Awareness that we are
If you take away the labels
You take away the limits
Science says it’s so
The bible says it’s so
The Dali Lama says it’s so
The dead poets at my ear say it’s so
The speechless newborn babies
The innocent via electro shock
The ancient echoes East of Eden
The rock of ages
The voice of prophets
The ice age dreamers
The roaches waiting to inherit the Earth
The Immaculate hearts under water
The evergreen forest
The horizon that goes on forever
The ALL say, it is so!
So don’t take my word for it
I’m just the empty trumpet of the wind
Turn your eyes inside out
Expose your bone marrow to fate
Let space have its way
Die a quiet death
Clear seeing will arise where a brain used to be
You will know that the grave and the cradle are one
You will find rest and flowers will sprout everywhere!

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