Art that can kill

by Fay Kaylius

James Chasse was kicked to death by police on the corner of 13th & Everett
James was killed in front of Blue Hour, Wyden & Kennedy advertising and PICA
The Portland Institute of Contemporary Art.
PICA changed this old working class neighborhood
This place where James walked and did his work, underground art
The contemporary artists were the first to gentrify this area around James & the local underground
Rents go up, buildings torn down and the poor artists are forced onto the streets, here
Wyden & Kennedy for NIKE, here.
Nike provides riot gear for police
Blue Hour restaurant foie gras
Investors built their new high-rise condos
Where those old artist spaces use to stand
Art & the state embedded …
The spectacle of terrible acts
Like a concrete skull held up high
On a pike for all to see
This, the price James had to pay
The police are the rabid dogs for the city, and contemory art is gentrification
There is the consequence for art with nothing to say
The underground artists and musicians of Portland stand with James Chasse and
Underground artists and musicians of this place
The Underground declares an art war on the corner of James & 13th
If artworks are a mirror held up to reflect the ills and ideals of a society
Than in this neighborhood that surrounds the intersection of James & 13th
The mirror shows an ugly image of boutique and state-sanctioned murder of Portland’s underground art scene.
Indifference and capitulation of the corporate art world does not go unnoticed
The state dogs will kill you too if given the opportunity
Artists are workers
Artists always work
Art can be powerful
And bad art can kill!

2 responses to “Art that can kill

  1. Just because the city paid out a bag of cash does not mean that we are healed of the wounds that were inflicted when we learned of his death.

    We will heal each other by reclaiming what is ours. We will keep each other safe. We will not be ruled by fear of those who would hurt us because we can’t buy them off or they don’t like how we look. We will not forget.

  2. MA

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