Extra! Extra!

You may be able to hold out a few more days before the skies break and the sun arrives, but you don’t have to wait a moment longer for a sneak peak at the new Street Roots, coming your way, hand delivered by your friendly neighborhood vendor. Here’s what’s packing the pages this issue:

The hot seat: An interview with Portland Mayor Sam Adams on the state of the city and his views on how the City of Roses will weather what remains a rough road ahead.

Just outside the gates: A pleasure trip to Rio becomes an exploration into the real world of Brazil’s masses. Story by Laura Moulton.

Voter-Owned Elections: The 60-cent question: Israel Bayer interviews Carol Cushman of the League of Women Voters on their defense of the controversial public-finance engine in Portland elections.

Trying to ‘save the world’ — through poisonous chemicals: From Agent Orange and Roundup to terminator seeds, Monsanto claims it just wants to help the world. A review of the new book based on the documentary film.

My journey: From the streets to the university: Vendor Sean Walsh writes about his life, from having it all to losing it all in the face of chronic health issues he and his wife endure on a daily basis.

Plus, commentaries by street-wise writers Julie McCurdy and Leo Rhodes, and housing guru Heather Lyons. There’s also reader feedback, a sweet vendor profile and lots of poetry. Get your Street Roots today, and don’t forget to let your smile be your umbrella!

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