Press release on housing bureau budget

Street Roots will be providing more coverage of the housing bureau budget, in the meantime, here’s the press release from City Hall.

Mayor’s Proposed Budget Preserves the “safety net,” provides $3.8 million to Portland Housing Bureau

In the midst of a difficult economic climate, Mayor Sam Adams continues his commitment to preserving and enhancing the “safety net”, recommending a Proposed Budget which retains a variety of services aimed at serving our community’s most vulnerable.

The Mayor’s proposed budget will provide the Portland Housing Bureau with approximately $2.5 million in one time General Fund resources that will allow the bureau to continue homeless services at current levels and minimize impacts to other housing services. Funding will support the continuum of housing needs including emergency shelter, funding for homeless youth, rent assistance to prevent homelessness, housing services, and funding for homeownership education and stabilization.

“The Mayor has consistently supported programs that help those most in need,” commented Housing Commissioner Nick Fish. “I am thankful that the Mayor has been a champion on these issues and has prioritized these needs in the budget process.”

The Mayor’s proposed budget also supports additional funding for an emergency homeless campaign to strategically address the increased number of homeless people sleeping outside as a result of the economic crisis. With assistance from the business community and service providers, the City of Portland will launch a campaign to strategically reduce the number of homeless people in Portland. Other cities have launched similar efforts with targeted outreach and collaboration with several partners on a smaller scale. Portland will lead the way in launching a significant campaign aimed at getting 85 homeless households into housing and providing shelter for an additional 100 individuals per day. This will increase the City’s capacity to respond to the economic and humanitarian crisis we face.

“The Portland Housing Bureau will continue to work diligently to focus our resources, streamline for efficiency and deliver outcomes for our community,” said Housing Director Margaret Van Vliet. “I’m grateful that even in difficult economic times, the City is able to continue to support this important work.”

“PHB has outstanding and dedicated staff and great community partners with whom we work to ensure that everyone has a safe affordable place to call home,” said Fish.

For more information on the city budget look here.

Posted by Israel Bayer

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