Sisters to march against sidewalk ordinance

Via Sisters Of The Road…
Sisters Of The Road has been involved in the struggle to keep laws like “Sit-Lie” and the new “Sidewalk Management Ordinance” off the books. Unfortunately, these laws, while often well intentioned, are typically used to target people experiencing homelessness and extreme poverty who have no where else to go. The new Sidewalk Management Ordinance will separate sidewalks downtown and in the Lloyd District into zones. The area closest to walls and shelter will be limited to movement and business activities. If someone needs to sit or lie on the sidewalk, they will be forced to do so in the area of the sidewalk closest to traffic, which is potentially very dangerous because of cars and pollution.  If people do not sit in this area of the sidewalk, they will face being cited and fined.

Portland is a beautiful city that is worth celebrating no matter our socioeconomic status! Sisters and our community will continue working to make Portland a place where all of our basic needs are met. We think it is important to celebrate and struggle at the same time, in order to sustain our movements!

Thursday before the City Council Hearing on Sidewalk Management, we will meet at Sisters for a short rally and then have a Sidewalk Parade to celebrate sidewalks being for all of us! We will circle though old town on the sidewalks with signs, balloons and music spreading our message and gathering others. Then we will head to City Hall to sign up to testify against the Sidewalk Management Ordinance. Sign ups start at 1:30 pm and it will be so important that people both housed and houseless speak to the inequities in this law! The hearing starts at 2 pm and we plan to pack the Council chambers! Please join us!

Click here for Sisters’ position statement on the Sidewalk Management Ordinance. If you would like to testify on Thursday and would like to talk about framing you message, or if you have any other questions about Thursday’s events, feel free to call Chani @ 503.222.5694 x 25 or
Click here for Street Roots position statement on the Sidewalk Management Ordinance.
Posted by Israel Bayer

4 responses to “Sisters to march against sidewalk ordinance

  1. Peter Planteen

    we have the same thing ins.f. but it has not passed yet.i guess i’m stupid but i don’t get it. i’ve been a street outreach worker for two years so you would think i’d know something about this.guess not. this is addressing the problem from a law enforcement angle and thinking intelligently about the pscho-social angle at any level. unfourtnate,but not a suprise.

  2. Peter Planteen

    oh ! i meant not thinking intelligently ! sorry…

  3. If this is the same Peter Planteen who grew up in Sacramento, California, in the house on the corner of Holstein Way and 47th Avenue, I really would appreciate a response. Thanks.

  4. Robert Walker , My name is Kevin Ray and Peter just happens to be my first cousin and yes this is the one of the same peter planteen that resided on holstein and norfolk way in sacramento.
    You should remember me also because we both worked at Farrels ice cream in the early seventies which was hit by a jet killing many people on a sunday afternoon air show tragedy.
    If you remember correctly i was a bus boy and you worked the fountain and also worked (Mr Paglicie the manager) as an informant that tattled on other employees so you wouldn’t have to have any direct competition challenging your very favorable position as fountain boy! Does that ring a bell ? Are you that Robert Walker?

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