April Fools: Ask the Editor. Go ahead!

Readers chime in on Street Roots coverage, other stuff

Dear Editor,

My 12-year-old son picked up one of your newspapers from a man outside of Powell’s last week, only to find two uses of the f-word, and a “sh–t.” I know you think you’re doing something positive for the people who sell your paper, but you have to realize that little children are reading this. They are buying the paper on the streets and learning these words from you. Please do not undermine the ability of parents to raise their children to be respectful citizens.

— Linda

Dear Linda,

Point taken, Linda. Thanks for the sharp eye!

Dear Editor,

How come I never see a Street Roots reporter at the cop protests or the war rallies? Or the Columbia River Crossing demonstrations? Other media are out there, why not Street Roots? The recent Recall Sam Adams campaign rally brought out KGW, KATU, The Oregonian, The Williamette Week, The Portland Mercury and OPB, but no Street Roots! And last month there was a sit-in at Reed College protesting the media’s portrayal of Reed as some kind of heroin capital. At least two dozen people turned out and sat down in protest. There wasn’t even a mention of it in your paper, which is supposed to represent us. Is it too much to ask that you take the time to send out one of your reporters to organizing meetings around these events, or are you just too good for us these days?

The people need to stand up and take back the power, and there’s a lot of empowerment happening out there. We at least thought Street Roots would be interested in what the “little” people are doing.

— Anarchy Blue

Dear Anarchy,

Thanks! Great points!

Dear Editor,

I’m looking at buying a condominium in Portland’s inner Southeast Neighborhood. What do I need to know about homeless people in your city before I arrive?

— Robert

A lot!

Thanks for writing, Robert!

Dear Editor,

So, you’re a homelessness newspaper. If that’s really true, as you claim, than how come you charge a dollar for it? Is that why people are panhandling in downtown Portland, to raise money to buy your paper?

— Dennis

Hi Dennis. Actually we’re not a “homeless” newspaper and we don’t use that term. We were created more than 11 years ago by people on the street who wanted a voice in their community as policies and attitudes were painting them into a corner. That said, our coverage in the paper has grown to encompass many issues of social and economic justice, interesting personalities and our local culture. And our readers are people who care about those issues. Our vendors are homeless and low-income residents, who often give the paper for free to people who don’t have any money to pay for one, because people on the street know we cover the issues important to them.

Regarding the second part of your question, we don’t have a clue why people are panhandling in downtown Portland.

Dear Editor,

I would read your paper more if you printed more positive and entertaining articles.

— Tiffany

So would we, Tiffany! Thanks!

* Each year on April 1,  Street Roots publishes a special satire edition of the newspaper.

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