Community Gathers to mourn the loss of 400 units of housing.

Building a movement to ensure everyone can afford a home in Portland!

Sisters Of The Road, Street Roots, and Community Alliance of Tenants will host a vigil on the site of the North Macadam development, block 33, to mourn the loss of the 400 units of housing that were slated to be built there for low to middle income families. Father Bob Loughery from the Downtown Chapel will preside over a reading of the last rites to commemorate the loss of these units and community members and organizations will gather to say enough is enough: Fund and Build housing that is affordable NOW!

When: March 31st, 4:45pm-5:30pm

Where: The vigil will be held on the sidewalk in front of the Elizabeth Caruthers Park located at 3508 SW Moody, one block south of the OSHU Health and Healing Center. The Park is bordered by SW Curry and SW Gaines and is across the street from Block 33 where the 400 units were to be located.

Why: The purpose of this action is to call attention to the need for housing that is affordable in inner Portland. 788 units of housing for low and middle income earners where slated to be built on the south waterfront, 400 at the block 33 site alone. To date NO UNITS of housing that are affordable have been built in the south water front development. Meanwhile, affordable housing inventory in Portland continues to decline. The PHB has made efforts to curb the decline but the city is still 1800 units behind the established goal of over 5000 units of housing that is affordable in Inner Portland. The loss of these 400 units represents another setback for housing that is affordable in Portland. We must work together to ensure this does not happen again.

Sisters Of The Road, Street Roots, the Community Alliance of Tenants, along with long-time community activists are asking city officials to join with us to ensure housing that is affordable becomes a top priority. We are asking city commissioners to:

* Prioritize the Building of housing that is affordable for 0-60% Median Family Income (MFI)

-In a time of recession, hard working families are the hardest hit. Let’s prioritize housing dollars targeted at housing for these families.

* Ensure the Building of housing that is affordable in inner Portland.

-Clean and safe housing units that are affordable must be near the vital services, hospitals, and public institutions that make a difference in people’s everyday lives.

* Restore funding for the housing inspections program.

-Protect existing housing from falling into disrepair, creating un-safe and un-sanitary conditions for residents by fully funding inspection programs.

* Let’s look to the future! Portland needs “housing heroes” who will step up and say “never again on my watch!” and prioritize housing for 0-60% MFI.

Read more from Street Roots here.

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