Breaking: Sidewalk Management Plan ordinance set for April 8

The City of Portland is poised to bring a Sidewalk Management Plan ordinance before the council on April 8. The last sidewalk ordinance was declared unconstitutional back in June.

Via the City of Portland late this afternoon…

Why is the City Council working on a comprehensive “Sidewalk Management Plan?”

Last year, the court ruled that the City’s ordinance regulating the use of sidewalks was unconstitutional. And, there have been significant budget cuts to Multnomah County’s human services programs, which have left many Portlanders without the safety net needed to stay afloat during the current economic crisis. The lack of services has added social pressures to the way sidewalks are used and affected the City’s need to manage its sidewalks in a way that will accommodate the new pressures without restricting the fundamental purpose of the sidewalks, which is to move people.

What does this ordinance do?

Public sidewalks are a public service. This ordinance takes a holistic approach to managing the myriad of sidewalk uses by segregating the sidewalks into zones, which allows for more efficient use of the available space. It is based on federal American with Disabilities Act (1990), Architectural Barriers Act (1968), and the Rehabilitation Act (1973), all of which include specific design guidelines that disabled citizens need for unobstructed passage on public sidewalks.

Read the two-page document— Sidewalk Management Plan

The five-page final draft ordinance— Final Draft Ordinance

Read about the history of the ordinance.

Sound off and let us know what you think!

Posted by Israel Bayer

2 responses to “Breaking: Sidewalk Management Plan ordinance set for April 8

  1. Patrick Nolen

    read them last night, seemed like a rehash of the last one, from G) on it seems the same boilerplate even.

  2. Portland could use no more mind numbingly cynical and unprincipled strategy to legalize its pogrom against the mostly disabled indigent in downtown than to use disabled access as an excuse to remove them. Speaking as someone with a mobility impairment, I want protest this nefarious appropriation of ADA and related laws to target street people, who are mostly disabled but disconnected from services and housing.

    The rights of the disabled are of a package with all basic human rights: air, water, food, clothing, free movement, political voice, self-determination, shelter, health care, education, etc. (see UDHR). If Portland made sure that the basic needs human rights of its citizens were provided for, it would not need any unprincipled appropriation of the ADA to finagle a removal program for street people.

    If Portland goes ahead with this initiative (which will die immediately and be too embarrassing to ever mention again if the City has any conscience) I hope that disabled advocacy organizations come in en-mass to join the suit against it that will surely follow.

    Because of my own mobility issues, I don’t do demonstrations any more, but I will gladly come out for this one.

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