Extra! Extra!

One minute it’s warm and sunny, the next it’s cold, foggy and grey. It’s tough to know what to wear these days. But you always know what to read! And starting tomorrow, you’ll have a fresh copy of Street Roots to keep your mind warm and toasty. Here’s what you’ll find inside:

Rings of Fire: Vancouver, B.C.’s street paper talks about how the Winter Olympics have reignited the homeless front to push back on gentrification and homelessness.

Matters of life or death: A frank discussion between Street Roots’ Israel Bayer and Jason Renaud, co-founder of the Mental Health Association of Portland and an ardent activist for people with mental illness. The two talk about the latest police shooting of an unarmed man in crisis.

Staying Alive: It might sound counterintuitive that a self-injection site for people with drug addictions can actually help people get off drugs, but it does. Learn more about the work of Insite in Vancouver, B.C., which is patterned after European models with great success.

Street Roots Annual Report: For those familiar with Street Roots and those new to the experience, the 2009 Annual Report packs a yearful of journalism, community involvement, resource development, advocacy and vendor accomplishments into four pages.

And speaking of vendors! Visit yours Friday morning, share a big smile and pick up the new copy of Street Roots. It’s a dollar well spent. Always has been.

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