Extra! Extra!

If you don’t think 2010 holds in store anything special for you, then you’re forgetting that the new edition of Street Roots hits the pavement tomorrow, warmed by the personalized delivery of a friendly neighborhood vendor!  Here’s a preview of the goods inside this issue:

The persistence of memory: Poet Kaia Sand helps keep Portland’s troubled history from fading into invisibility. Reporter Carmel Bentley files this comprehensive piece about Sand, Vanport and the Japanese American internment during World War II.

Homelessness, housing lures marchers to San Francisco’s streets for rally: A package of photos, discussions and perspectives on the human rights demonstration in San Francisco Jan. 20, including an inspiring account by Julie McCurdy and an interview with vendor George Mayes.

Addiction Compassion: An interview with author and physician Gabor Mate on how the U.S. could create a new paradigm in dealing with addiction. And you can bet it’s a little nicer than the one we’ve got.

Oregon bill adds to chorus against human trafficking: Amanda Waldroupe reports on the legislature’s latest efforts to thwart the U.S.’s dirty little secret.

Sticker Shock: Another reporter from our sister paper Megaphone in Vancouver, B.C., about the side of the Olympics that more brass than bronze.

Plus, cool commentaries, awesome art, and a little less alliteration — all in the Jan. 22 edition of Street Roots. Let us know what you think. You can join the discussion here, and on Facebook. See you there!

One response to “Extra! Extra!

  1. Vendors are reporting that this issue is selling really well. Go team SR!

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