Caravan of housing activists leave for San Francisco

Around a hundred housing activists gathered in front of Sisters Of The Road this morning to eat breakfast before heading to San Francisco. The ragtag group,  made up of members of Street Roots, Sisters Of The Road, Community Alliance of Tenants and other groups and individuals, are heading to the Bay Area to tell the federal government to adequately fund affordable housing for local communities.  The group will be making a stop in Ashland tonight to do a panel and teach-in on homelessness. You can follow all the action on the Street Roots and blogs.

Members of Right 2 Survive eat breakfast before taking off

Sisters staff handing out breakfast burritos

Four vans and two cars are packed to the gills

A road trip would not be a road trip without Voodoo Donuts & coffee

Loading up

SR vendor George Mayes

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 Posted by Israel Bayer

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