Photos from the Sisters Of The Road party

Around 60 people experiencing homelessness and organizers came out tonight for a gathering at Sisters Of The Road to watch the “I have a dream,” speech by Dr. Martin Luther King and to celebrate going to San Francisco for the WRAP action on Jan. 20. Around 60 individuals from the streets have been organized to go to San Francisco— which is no small feat on the homeless front. The logistic alone are enough to make your head spin. Sisters (and Street Roots) deserve made props for taking the time include people experiencing homelessness in the building of community.

The mood tonight was jovial. People danced to DJ 6 Element tracks, sang gospel songs, drank coffee and enjoyed stories during the three-hour event. Here are some pics.

We’re going to San Francisco. Join us in solidarity.

Posted by Israel Bayer.

2 responses to “Photos from the Sisters Of The Road party

  1. Looks like a kick azz party I missed! Had all the right/good intensions on the road to hell on being there! My loss! I’ve got those same intensions going on for a trip down to SF later today though!! Hope to see you folks down there!

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