Help Street Roots close the year with a strong finish!

Street Roots needs to raise $2,000 in the next two days to meet the organizations humble Winter Fundraising Goal of $25,000. With two days left in 2009, we’re hoping you will help us reach our goal.

SR gives Portlanders quality journalism and unique insights, while giving 300 individuals experiencing homelessness and poverty a voice, immediate income and self-confidence and self-worth through working.

We have reported on a myriad of complex issues facing our community, while publishing hundreds of poems and street art and highlighting the voices of new community members throughout the Portland region.

We led campaigns to save 300 families from being kicked to the curb in NW Oregon through investigative journalism and activism, help support securing millions of dollars in the city budget for housing and homelessness, and have now put a housing levy conversation in motion on the main stage.

We also have published 100,000 Rose City Resource booklets and launched a website that connects the Portland region with hundreds of community organizations.

Your donation this year will not only go towards helping individuals improve their quality of life, but moving the region forward on important conversations taking place on street corners in front of businesses, in the halls of power, and in living rooms and camps all across the Portland region.

It’s your readership that makes it all possible. We ask for your support.

You can also give through the Willamette Week Give! Guide and get some great incentives in return.

Many thanks to all of you that have already donated to Street Roots this year. You rock!

Posted by Israel Bayer

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One response to “Help Street Roots close the year with a strong finish!

  1. hi,

    i couldn’t find any information about golden harvest online or in your article. is there any way that you can make that organization’s contact information available?


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