Best SR photos of 2009

Street Roots  has some of the best photographers in the city. The newspaper is lucky to have an all volunteer, all-star tandem of  award winning shooters, like Leah Nash, Ken Hawkins, John Ryan Brubaker, and Elizabeth Schwartz. They have dedicated their knowledge, skills and compassion to accompany some of the most hard hitting news stories in the city this year. Here, we look at some of the best shots of 2009, in no particular order. Enjoy.

Mult. County Commissioner Ted Wheeler talks with Managing Editor Joanne Zuhl in July about Urban Renewal Areas in an article titled Balancing Act. Photo by Leah Nash.

Street Roots highlights African immigrants who face cultural isolation in Portland. Mara Grunbaum reports. In this photo a family from Somalia pray together. Photo by Ken Hawkins.

Street Roots writes an in-depth piece on the return of heroin on Portland’s streets in Return of the Dragon. Here a 27-year old man shoots heroin near I-5 in SW Portland. Amanda Waldroupe reports. Photo by Ken Hawkins.

The Cambodian community talks with SR about a troubled past, while looking towards the future in Bitter Blood. Mara Grunbaum reports. Photo by Ken Hawkins.

Melissa Walsh, Street Roots vendor has a breakdown with a local service worker. This photo was one of a series shot of her and her partner, who were struggling with homelessness and have since found housing. It appears in the Nov. 11 edition of the paper in the story, “Look at me. I am not invisible.” Photo by Leah Nash.

Back to back news (The Letter, Perfect Storm) stories by Street Roots in June on the eviction of 300 families in NW Oregon stretched from the desks of Congress Rep Maxine Waters (CA.) to Senators Ron Wyden and Jeff Merkley of Oregon to local and national HUD offices. The result of the news stories and a Oregon based campaign led by SR to save the families was a success, and showed the power of grassroots media at its best. Here a woman, a wife and mother of two, holds an eviction letter. Joanne Zuhl reports. Photo by Ken Hawkins.

In 2009, SR highlighted both the struggles and successes of minority Community Development Corporations working for affordable housing in the region. Here is Maxine Fitzpatrick, Executive Director of Portland Community Reinvestment Initiatives Inc. Photo by Leah Nash.

Street Roots has covered the wave of attacks against women and sex workers throughout 2009 (See this edition). Above are three women who have faced the brutality of the streets. Rebecca Robinson and Amanda Waldroupe have been following the attacks. Photo by Ken Hawkins.

The Circus Project works with youth in North Portland. Photo by John Ryan Brubaker.

Thanks to all of our reporters and photographers in 2009. You rock. And thank you to readers for supporting your neighborhood vendor and reading the newspaper.

2 responses to “Best SR photos of 2009

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  2. Carmel Bentley

    Powerful. Thank you Street Roots. And thank you, photographers!

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