Extra! Extra!

Winter has definitely arrived, if not officially, than at least in spirit. But in all kinds of weather you can find your local neighborhood vendor with the newest edition of Street Roots, out Friday morning. Check out the latest and greatest from the Roots:

Man of the hour: On his third run, Nick Fish got his seat on City Council as head of the city’s housing and homeless programs, just in time for the housing market to collapse, the economy to tank and the city’s coffers to run dry. Joanne Zuhl reports on what makes the commissioner tick and his approach to housing and public service.

Deborah Kafoury looks into leading the charge on housing levy: Amanda Waldroupe follows up on the housing levy conversations taking place, while Seattle City Councilman Nick Licata talks readers through exactly what it takes from A-Z to put a successful housing levy on the ballot.

Day Labor Center struggles with demand for work: Day labor workers are facing an uphill climb in Portland’s downed economy. Amanda Waldroupe reports.

Also, the Western Regional Advocacy Project reports on its upcoming mobilization taking place in San Francisco by housing and homeless advocates and their allies, and Leah Ingram delivers a report on Golden Harvest, a unique food cooperative in North Portland. And much, much more, including poetry, photos and letters from readers. Don’t forget your copy today, and pick up an extra for the in-laws coming to visit!

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