Extra! Extra!

streetrootsnov1309page1If you are already a regular customer of Melissa Walsh, one of Street Roots great vendors, you’ll especially enjoy this edition of Street Roots. It features a story in pictures of Melissa and her husband Sean’s lives, including the obstacles they face and the love between them that carries them through.

And if you’ve never met Melissa or Sean, come and discover this incredible couple that are among so many finding their own path to survival in this city. It’s a compelling piece of photojournalism by Leah Nash that you won’t want to miss.

Street Roots hits the pavement first thing Friday morning, and your vendor will be ready and waiting with this and many other stories to share!

Also in this issue:

“We want to live in peace.” The words of Isdud Al Najjar, who was recently honored for her work with Mercy Corps in Palestine. Joanne Zuhl interviewed Mrs. Al Najjar during her visit to receive the humanitarian award.

The last Republican: Investigative journalist Max Blumenthal looked deep into the heart of the Republican Party. What he found should make the GOP blush. Rosette Royale reports.

Plus, columns by Sally Martin and Ruth Kovacs, an interview on the Street News Service, a biting editorial on what really needs to be done on the housing front, and much more. Thanks, as always, for your tremendous support, and for proving time and time again that Street Roots readers are the finest in town!

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