The people behind the paper


Street Roots, the Albina Community Bank in the Pearl and some of Portland’s best photographers are teaming up to present a month long exhibit titled “The people behind the paper.”

You are invited to the opening on First Thursday, Nov.5 at 6 p.m. at 430 NW 10th Ave. in the Pearl. (You are also invited to stop by during normal business hours anytime in November to see the show.

SR4Commission Fish

The exhibit features the work of photographers Leah Nash, Ken Hawkins, John Ryan Brubaker, Elizabeth Schwatrz and Mary Edmeades, shot exclusively for Street Roots.

4 responses to “The people behind the paper

  1. Patrick Nolen

    dude, same date/time as First Uni’s Doroty Day “adventures in non violence” thing!
    will so my best to make both!
    what time does your’s end?

  2. Beverly Fields

    I’ll be there. Looking forward to it!

  3. I’ll be there. A lot of fun i hope.

  4. Iz,

    Wanted to tell you that my sister met a SR vendor who had a huge impact on her. Will tell you more about it by phone.

    I’m unable to make it to the event, but I’m stopping by at some point in November (when my family is visiting — sister in tow) to see the exhibit.

    -I heart Street Roots, Julie

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