Extra! Extra!

streetrootsoct3009page1What do vampires, basketball players and fine food have in common? You guessed it! They’re all part of Street Roots inaugural Online Auction! Peruse the pages of the Oct. 30 edition for the gifts that are sure to please — you or anyone else, for that matter. But first, pass a buck to your hardworking neighborhood vendor, who will have the newest paper — along with a smile — early Friday morning. Here’s what you’ll find inside:

Money to burn? If Measures 66 and 67 go down in flames, Oregon stands to lose more than a few local tax dollars. Amanda Waldroupe reports on what’s at stake.

Lose the banks and get back to the barter. Joanne Zuhl interviews economist Thomas Greco on how we need to trash our monetary system and get back to local trade, old-timey like.

Soldiers accuse Fort Lewis of abuse. A report from Seattle on two soldiers with a laundry list of alleged violations against the military.

And did we mention the online auction? Four pages of goodies, big stuff, little stuff, far away places and familiar faces. It’s all for fun, for Street Roots and your neighborhood vendor. Thank you! And let us know your thoughts. We like to hear from you!

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