Dear Amazing Street Roots Staff and Vendors,

I read every single article and poem in each edition of your paper. I love the harmonious blend of honest, courageous coverage of the raw experiences of people we see every day…some of whom are going through some of the worst times in their lives.

You bring a face and a beating heart to what many people would rather turn away from. I like talking to the vendors and making that human connection. I like shaking their hands. I like shooting the breeze with them. I never thought I’d be homeless, but one day I was: with a newborn baby in my arms. It happens. One day you’re earning $55,000 a year as a professional working in a high rise building downtown, and then one day you’re sleeping without a roof. It happens. The bottom line is, we all deserve respect. We all deserve compassion.

Thank you, Street Roots for helping us make the connection. Thank you for keeping our hearts beating with love and not letting us turn a blind eye! Thank you for your devotion to such a noble cause. Thank you for all you do.


A.A.W., Portland

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