Coffee enthusiast, tourist want to experience buying Street Roots

Who says tourists are frightened by homeless folks? Not these cats.

And golly gee are they going to be surprised when they pick of the latest edition filled with some of the most serious coverage the newspaper has produced.

Welcome to Portland!

Update: Marla meets Street Roots.

2 responses to “Coffee enthusiast, tourist want to experience buying Street Roots

  1. OK…I connected with George today to pick up a copy of Street Roots. George was amazing…great salesman. I took the paper into Borders to read. Then you made me look foolish because I was laughing out loud! I was half way through before I realized this was the April Fool’s edition!!! Brilliant. I especially love the article on the city council’s new chairs.

  2. Glad you liked it, Marla! It’s been three days and so far no complaints – but a few calls concerned about Bush moving to Portland. Overall, I think we got away with it.
    We’ll be back to the serious stuff in two weeks. Thanks for supporting the Street Roots vendors!


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