Act Now! Save vital services in Portland!

homeless-giantx-1Street Roots believes it’s crucial to fund the Bureau of Housing and Community Development’s proposed budget, including the $6.7 million in one-time General Fund dollars, to preserve vital services and housing for people in crisis. We believe that in this current economic climate it’s critical that the City of Portland show leadership in funding and maintaining crucial services that impact low-income Portlanders.

In addition to BHCD’s ongoing funded programs, we support the following one-time funded projects in the city’s upcoming budget process:

– Supportive Housing: Rent assistance and services for individuals experiencing homelessness, including families, children, adults, and people experiencing mental illness.

– Homeless Prevention: Rent assistance to continue for the School-Families-Housing Stabilization Fund. – Shelter services for women, men and youth.

– Transitional housing operations for homeless youth.

– Public Safety and Livability: Preserve the day shelter and important resource information, as well as a sobering station, Hooper Center and Syringe exchange programs – Workforce development: Preserve Central City Concern/JOIN homeless employment programs.

– Economic Opportunity Workforce Projects, including Project Clean Slate and marketing assistance for micro entrepreneurs businesses – Microenterprises to support 19 artists involved in the Trillium Artisans Project.

– EOI Youth Workforce: Support employment programs for 214 low-income youth.

– Affordable Housing Homebuyer Access to continue to reduce the minority homeownership gap and to prevent foreclosures.

– Rental Housing Access and Stabilization: Support for a variety of services including 211 Info, Fresh Start, relocation assistance, Shared Housing, Fair Housing Enforcement, Housing Partnership Workgroup and Community Point web-based housing search assistance.

Many social-service agencies are seeing an increase in individuals and families seeking services due to the economic climate. We are living in extraordinary times and now more than ever people’s lives are in danger. We trust that the City of Portland will find the resources to maintain the essential programs listed above.

Sign the petition!

Send a letter to the Mayor and Commissioners!

You can also join us on FaceBook at Save Vital Services for Portlanders in need!

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