Fresno police officers beat homeless man

Posted Israel Bayer

5 responses to “Fresno police officers beat homeless man

  1. I’m surprised you don’t have a whole slew of comments on this video. There may be more to the story, as the police chief mentions, but watching the police strike the man in the face after restraining both arms was extremely disturbing.
    -Robin at the Respite

  2. It is very disturbing.

    – Israel Bayer

  3. I’m disturbed as well. It makes you wonder how often this sort of thing really occurs. The fact that this is caught on video may help keep officers like these two men in line, especially when they know the public is watching them. It’s just really sad to think that whatever the circumstances, whether he really punched one of them first or not, that they would resort to such brutal and senseless force on a man who is obviously not a serious threat to their safety. It’s just sad.

  4. One would think that “Rodney King” taught the lesson that the public is watching and that would be oversight enough. Simply watching criminal behavior by police and taking no action is the bigger social problem. We, all of us, are the solution or we, all of us, are the problem.

  5. They said but the video did not show him assult or push them at all. Really I doubt he did. That sounds too much like their excuses of being hit with the gun in hand so the kid was shot. Wtf retarded americans and cops. Really what you see is what it is in that case.

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