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Posted Dec. 11, 2008


Give the gift of wisdom this holiday season with the latest edition of Street Roots! It’s a special section with wall-to-wall coverage that will make you look at affordable housing in a whole new light. It’s in the gentle hand of your neighborhood vendor Friday morning, and it’s still just buck!
What’s inside:

In need of a new deal: As the financial crisis ripples through the nonprofit world, affordable housing corporations are questioning not just if, but when, the sky will fall. Joanne Zuhl reports on the work and challenges ahead for nonprofit developers.

The slow grind of urban renewal: Two years ago the city dedicated a portion of money from urban renewal areas toward affordable housing. The results are mixed, with some districts facing even more uncertainty in light of the drooping economy. Israel Bayer reports.

Shell game: How do we measure success in creating affordable housing? That depends on who you talk to, with some advocates saying the city’s counting system on new units is simply recounting apartments that already existed. Amanda Waldroup reports.

Safety in numbers: Many Section 8 contracts with building owners will be expiring in the coming years. Mara Grunbaum writes of one building, the Admiral Apartments, coming up against that expiration date next year, what that means to the residents, and how the new owner intends to preserve it as affordable housing.

And oodles and oodles more where that came from, including commentaries, news on Section 8 proposals, and really cool artwork from New Yorker artist Eric Drooker. Yay!

Posted by Joanne Zuhl

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