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Posted Nov. 26, 2008


The new Street Roots has all the fixin’s, served up with a side of friendly from your neighborhood vendor. Pick up a copy on Friday, and grab one for the barber shop while you’re at it. In this issue:

A Boy’s Life: A profile of a young man who is surviving on the streets of Portland with a kind and savvy attitude about his life and the streets around him. Becca Robinson reports on one life on the streets.

City waives 24-hour notice to homeless campers: Amanda Waldroupe has the scoop on new guidelines that loosen police obligations when posting notices for homeless campers. It’s not making advocates happy, to say the least. (And our editorial board was less than keen on the idea as well.)

Whither GOP? John Dean, former White House Counsel to President Nixon and now a best selling author, talks about the Bush administration’s damage to our government, and how we might go about fixing it.  Joanne Zuhl reports

And oodles more, including perspectives on war zone photography and Dumpster diving. It’s all in the Nov. 28 edition of Street Roots, hot off the press Friday morning.

Your vendor thanks you for your support!

Posted by Joanne Zuhl

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