Extra! Extra!

October 2, 2008

The new Street Roots hits the streets tomorrow. Buy a new copy from your local and friendly neighborhood vendor. You won’t be disappointed.

Amanda Waldroupe gets the scoop with Richard Harris, the former Executive Director of Central City Concern. Harris is now heading up the Addiction and Mental Health Division with the State of Oregon and hopes to change the cultural of the states mental health delivery systems.

The sit-lie ordinance is ruled constitutional. A local judge likens the statute to public safety laws regarding bicycling. Find out what went down in the courtroom and why attorneys are appealing the decision.

Michael Munk, the local author of Portland’s Red Guide talks Marxism, the Rose City’s radical past and where the Left fairs today.

Another installment of Tye Doudy’s Addict’s Almanac brings us a bit closer to the realities of life as a junkie.

Readers respond to Addicts Almanac, hundreds of activists squat Seattle’s parks, Michael Anderson is hired as the Oregon Opportunity Network’s Executive Director, and Soup Can Sam gives you something extra to think about.

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