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Aug. 7, 2008

The new edition of Street Roots rolls out on Friday. You can buy one from your favorite vendor or a new friend on the beat.  Here’s what you can look forward to:

The 10-year itch
Portland’s plan to end homelessness reaches a tender age in touch times.
How will the 10-year plan to end homelessness, conceived in a time of plenty, weather the current economic downturn and expected recession? Reporter Amanda Waldroupe talks with policy makers and advocates about the plan’s continued effectiveness in housing people, even as costs increase, funds diminish and affordable housing gets increasingly difficult to find.

City’s tax abatements miss their mark

A report from the Portland City Auditor’s office is critical of the oversight and efficacy of the city’s housing tax abatement programs, which are designed to encourage development in areas that would not be developed, and create needed affordable housing. The report draws the success of these abatements into question, and notes clear violations against the intention of the programs.

Word on the street: The workings of the sit-lie ordinance
Excerpts from a day of interviews by Street Roots with 49 people on the street about their experience with the sit-lie ordinance and its enforcers.

Attacks against homeless spike in 2007
The latest compilation of figures on violence against the homeless indicate things have gotten significantly worse since 2006. “Hate, Violence and Death on Main Street USA: A report gainst Hate Crimes and Violence Against people Experiencing Homelessness” indicates  that the number of attacks has gone up 13 percent over 2006 figures – 28 resulting in death.

The Addict’s Almanac
Part two in a series by Tye Doudy on his experience as an addict in Portland.

Editorial: Anatomy of a Press Release
The feds are playing a shell game with the facts when it comes to the impact this administration is making on homelessness.

And much more, including commentary, poetry and prose from the streets, news, Act Now, and your comments.

Posted by Joanne Zuhl

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